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Contract Disputes

Even the most carefully drawn contract cannot always prevent a dispute as to whether a contract has been violated or breached.  Business and individuals often find themselves at odds with other contracting parties. In these cases, it may be necessary to take the matter to court to achieve a fair and just resolution. Klemp & Stanton, PLLP can assist in the process of efficent contract dispute resolution, regardless of the contract at issue.  Because it is rare for two cases to be exactly alike, we recommend that you contact our firm to discuss your individual circumstances so that we may advise you of your legal contract options and likely outcomes.  We are interested in resolving your contract case in a cost-effective manner.

Klemp & Stanton, PLLP has extensive experience in litigating such contractual disputes as employment contracts and agreements, commercial leases, non-compete agreements, construction agreements, debt collection claims, shareholder agreements, commercial agreements between businesses, and breach of contract litigation.

Because litigation is often an expensive manner in which to resolve a contract dispute, we will advise you in the event your case is one that is most appropriately resolved throgh negotiation or mediation.  Whether your case is one that must be litigated to achieve resolution, or is more suited for mediation, we will firmly stand by you and/or your company throughout the entire process.