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Property Division

Minnesota Property Division Attorneys

Property division in divorce cases can become complicated when spouses have acquired significant assets and wealth.

Experienced Property Division Attorneys

Minnesota is an equitable division of property state, which many persons contemplating a divorce presume means an equal division.  However, an exactly equal division of assets is more the exception than the norm, particularly when divorcing or separating spouses have been married for many years, have acquired significant assets, have been married before, or if hidden assets are involved.  Essentialy, “equitable” means “fair,” and Minnesota courts strive to divide marital property between the parties based upon what the court deems to be fair and reasonable under the circumstances. 

We assist divorcing clients in the division of assets such as houses, cabins, timeshare properties, farmland, cars, recreational vehicles, stocks and bonds, retirement funds, trust funds and more. We have the experience and ability to handle complex property division cases, minimize the tax implications of divorce, protect family businesses and protect the property clients have worked hard to obtain.

Hidden Assets

Property division may become complex if one spouse is hiding assets. In these cases, we frequently work with forensic accounting experts who are experienced in locating and valuing hidden assets. Once an accurate appraisal of assets is established, we are able to proceed with an “equitable” property division. We also work with business valuation experts in these matters.