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Child Custody & Parenting Time

Child Custody

Child custody determinations occur in matters of divorce and paternity cases. There are typically two forms of child custody.  The first is known as physical custody, which general means the home of the parent where the child(ren) shall primarily reside.  The second form of child custody is known as legal custody, which means the right of a parent to participate in the major decisions involving the upbringing of a child, such as educational pursuits or religious training, and major medical decisions, such as surgeries or whether mental health counseling is appropriate.  A determination as to whether physical and/or legal custody of children should rest solely in one parent or jointly in both parents, is based on the best interest of the child(ren). Custody may be determined by the court or through an agreement negotiated between the parties.

Third party child custody occurs when custody is granted to someone other than the biological and/or legal parents. Issues of foster parent custody, third party non-relative custody, relative and grandparent custody, access rights, and other proceedings outside of marriage dissolution are very hot topics in the area of family law.

Parenting Time

Formerly known as visitation, parenting time, addresses the developmental needs of children.  Attorneys, with the assistance of other professionals in the field of child development, assist parents in tailoring parenting time schedules and plans that grow as the children grow and also address each family’s unique structure and set of family dynamics.